• AIV Protector

AIV(Avian Influenza Virus) Protector

AIV Protector

CHEMICAL : 03, pH, CaO, Anionic Generator, Asian Dust, Air Cleaner
PHYSICAL : Temperature, Humidity, Salinity, Smart Farm System
BIOLOGICAL : Microorganism, Lactobacillus, Peat
PHOTOCHEMICAL : UV Radiation (In Air and In Water)
SATELLITE : AIV Outbreak Prediction by Satellite Data
CHEMICAL (3  Measures) PHYSICAL (5  Measures)
1. Poultry Cage: pH < 6.2, pH > 8.2. Temperature > 32C, Humidity > 70%, Salinity > 2.5%
2. llite minerals Mixer of foodstuff and straw pedding
3. Slicone Rubber Blanketing AIV no penetration into poultry farmhouse
1. No straw pedding due to persistence of AIV in straw
2. Clean working man prior to getting into the poultry farmhouse
3. Location with least aeolian dust deposition
4. Negative ion generator to remove AIV
5. Air purifier to remove aeolian dust
BIOLOGICAL (6  Measures) PHOTOCHEMICAL (7  Measures)
1. Peat for mixer of foodstuff to enhance immunity
2. Microorganism from peat for straw pedding
3. Lactobacillus medium from Kimchi for foodstuff
4. Elimination of fishes around the poultry farmhouse such as mudfish, catfish, lungfish, bullfrog
5. Inhibition from algal growth in the water by air bubbling
6. Bronze feeder to inhibit the microorganism growth
1. Thin 03 hole
2. Strong UV-B radiation
3. Low AIV outbreak
4. UV lamp (254 nm)
5. Keeping UV radiation to inhibit the conversion of LPAI to HPAI in the poultry farmhouse
6. UV/03 sterilization of AIV
7. Automatic UV lamp on the roof to repel migratory birds
1. High linearity (R2 = 0.99) between AIV Outbreak Year and Minimum Sunspot Number
2. Thin ozone layers in Poles cause excessive UV-B
3. Ice-melting, Decreases of Algae and Krill by and Minimum Sunspot Number Satellite remote sensing for Early Warning of AIV outbreaks
4. Abrupt CO2 increase by fossil fuel consumption induces radiation for mutant AIV outbreaks AIV outbreaks